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The 1950s era was an exciting time for the new 'teenagers' with the popularity of drive-in theatres in the late 50's rising to over 4,000 outdoor screens. There the feature would be "Attack of the Crab Monsters" or "The Blob". The more mature viewer tended to stay at home and watch their new television sets - approximately 10.5 million U.S. homes possessed a television set in 1950. Post WWII saw films idealizing conventional portrayals of men and women and the younger generation wanted new and exciting icons and symbols of rebellion. The anti-hero was born in the faces of Paul Newman and James Dean replacing the stalwart actors of Old Hollywood such as Tyrone Power, Robert Taylor and Van Johnson. The anti-heroine in the beautiful shapes of Ava Gardner & Marilyn Monroe. Teenagers and young people, Rockabillys & Rock n' Roll lovers started queuing for films called 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon', 'April Love' and 'Don't knock the Rock'. Movie Posters adorned the exterior of the cinema tantalising the awaiting crowd eager to see their favourite star up on the screen. Film Posters showing the latest westerns, dramas, comedies, musicals. Window cards announcing the up and coming features. Luckily for us, old movie posters, vintage window cards, lobby cards and original publicity stills still exist for us to enjoy all over again. So whether it's a vintage western, vintage war film or just a good old tear-jerker then Patchwork Peggy's Emporium has a growing range of 1950s film posters.

Mamie Van Doren original press publicity photo

£ 10.00 

An original 14" x 11" black and white publicity shot of Mamie Van Doren.  Has some yellowing around the edge which actually doesn't look bad at all considering the age of the photo which is probably late 1950s very early 1960s. Has Mamie Van Doren MGM written on the bottom.


Flood Tide 1958 Drama

£ 25.00 

Film Title:  Flood Tide

Date of Release:  1958

Size & Country of Origin:  U.S.A.  28" x 22"

Starring:  George Nadar, Cornell Borchers

Condition:  Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Slightly off white margins, but colour of poster is vibrant and clear. Slight surface damage bottom left hand corner. Some pin holes. Still has life left in it to enjoy.


Lone Texan 1959 western original U.S.A.

£ 25.00 

Film Title:  Lone Texan

Date of Release:  1959

Size & Country of origin:  U.S.A. 41" x 27"

Condition:  Fair to Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Small holes at intersection of folds. Pin holes in corners. Tear in top left centre of margin. Gallery photos below.


The Treasure of Pancho Villa 1955 Western Window Card

£ 25.00 

Film Title:  The Treasure of Pancho Villa

Date of Release: 1955

Size & origin:  14" x 22"  U.S.A.

Starring:  Rory Calhorn, Gilbert Roland

Condition:  Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  An original window card with some edge wear, tape at edges, some surface marks.


Hell's Island Window Card 1955 Film Noir/Adventure

£ 20.00 

Film Title:  Hell's Island

Date of Release:  1955

Starring:  John Payne, Mary Murphy

Condition:  Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Fold marks, pin holes, writing in top part of card, edge wear and some tape around edge.


The Man from Alamo 1953 Western Window Card

£ 20.00 

Film Title:  The Man from Alamo

Date of Release:  1953

Size & Country of origin:  14" x 22" U.S.A.

Starring:  Glenn Ford, Julia Adams

Condition:  Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Folded across the middle.  Pin holes. Edge wear with some paper loss.  Writing in top area.


Indian Uprising original 1951 Western

£ 25.00 

Film Title:  Indian Uprising

Date of Release: 1951

Size & Country of origin:  Spain 27" x 41"

Starring:  George Montgomery, Audrey Long

Condition:  Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  One sheet with slight edge wear causing loss of paper, pin holes.