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Captain Nemo & The Underwater City original 1969

£ 50.00 

Film Title:  Captain Nemo & the Underwater City

Year of Release:  1969

Size & Country of Origina:  27" x 43 "  69 cm x 110 cm  Argentina

Starring:  Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors, Nanette Newman

Condition:  Fine

Folded/Rolled;  Folded

Item Description:  This poster has been trimmed 1 cm either side during it's life, small old tape marks on top border, some pin holes, vibrant undamaged picture, usual vintage fold marks. Close up photos in gallery pics




Original 1968 US Pressbook Ace High

£ 20.00 

Original 1968 pressbook from the United States of "Ace High" starring Eli Wallach.  Nice Condition.  Fold marks.  All 7 pages intact.  No tears or stains.

31.5 cm x 38.5 cm



The Golden Arrow 1962 Arabian/Fantasy Adventure

£ 30.00 

Film Title:  The Golden Arrow

Year of Release:  1962

Size & Country of origin:  41" x 27" U.S.A.

Starring:  Tab Hunter, Rossana Podesta

Condition:  Very Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Pin holes in corners.  Fold marks.


13 Fighting Men 1960 civil war film

£ 20.00 

Film Title:  13 Fighting Men

Year of Release:  1960

Size & Country of origin:  41" x 27" U.S.A.

Starring:  Grant Williams, Brad Dexter, Carole Mathews

Condition:  Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Small tear centre bottom edge


Original Rififi in Amsterdam 1966 Argentina

£ 45.00 

Film Title:  Rififi in Amsterdam

Year of Release:  1966

Size & Country of Origin: 29" x 43" 74 cm x 110 cm   Argentina

Starring:  Roger Brown, Aida Power

Condition:  Fine.

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Minor paper loss on the bottom edge. 


Fashion, rock n' roll, fun and social changes were reflected in the cinema of the 1960s.  A turbulent decade in the U.S. with cultural events, assassinations and deaths and monumental changes in laws and civil rights, the cinema goer demanded more to think about rather than the frothy movies of the 1950s.  The film industry itself suffered it's worse year in 1963 as made for T.V. movies became popular.  Many film productions were made abroad to save money  (spaghetti westerns such as A Fistful of Dollars' ) and the plethora of stars during the 30s, 40s and 50s became a memory as many had either retired or died as had the talented production teams and directors.  To aid the crumbling film industry, back lots were sold and treasured movie props were auctioned off.  Coupled with the Cleopatra disaster of 1963 causing the crippling costs of $44 million ($300 million in todays money) the industry had to look to producing films outside of the U.S. with Britain being an affordable alternative, producing films such as 'Beckett' with Peter O' Toole and Richard Burton and classics filmed abroad such as David Lean's 'Lawrence of Arabia'. 

Cinema goers in Britain queued up to see socially realistic, non-fictional films the style of which was dubbed 'Kitchen Sink"due to it's working class no-nonsense dialogue.  Most of the directors had backgrounds in television, theatre and documentaries.  Stars such as Albert Finney, Michael Caine and Alan Bates were catapulated onto our cinema screens for a new wave of young, angry men bringing a fresh approach to film going.  Luckily for us, old movie posters, vintage window cards, lobby cards and original publicity stills still exist for us to enjoy all over again.  So whether it's 1960s movie posters of a vintage western you're after,  1960s movie posters of vintage war film or just a good old film poster  of a corny tear-jerker then Patchwork Peggys has a growing range of 1960s film posters.

Africa Texas Style original 1967

£ 20.00 

Film Title:  Africa Texas Style

Year of Release;  1967

Size & Country of Origin:  29" x 43"   74 cm x 110 cm  Argentina

Starring:  Hugh O'Brian, John Mills,  Nigel Green

Condition:  Mint

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Unused, no paper loss, tears or pin holes.


The Couch 1962 Psychological Horror/Thriller

£ 28.00 

Film Title:  The Couch

Year of Release:  1962

Size & Country of Origin: 41" x 27" U.S.A.

Starring:  Grant Williams, Shirley Knight

Condition:  Very Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Pin holes in corners, black stamped writing on reverse.


The Victors 1964 war film Yugoslavian

£ 25.00 

Film Title:  The Victors

Year  of Release:  1964

Size & Country of origin:  Yugoslavia 19" x 27.5"

Starring:  George Peppard, Albert Finney

Condition:  Very fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  No pin holes, fold marks.