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Original U.S. Large Escape from Alcatraz

£ 95.00 

Film Title:  Escape from Alcatraz

Year of Release:  1979

Size & Country of origin:  41" x 76" U.S.A. (shipped from Argentina so says 'foreign' on reverse)  

Starring:  Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan

Condition:  Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  A three sheet with no pin holes. It's damage is in the bottom sheet. One tear with paper intact.  One tear with paper missing.  One rip in bottom border. One slight wear to fold between 2nd and 3rd sheet. Some mould marks on reverse.  Colour vibrant.  No marks or tears on the top two sheets at all. Close up of all damage in gallery pics above.  


Creatures the World Forgot original 1971 Argentinian

£ 80.00 

Item Description:  Film Title:  Creatures the World Forgot

Year of Release:  1971

Size & Country of origin:  29" x 43" Argentina

Starring:  Julie Ege, Tony Bonner,

Condition:  Very Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

A one sheet with no pin holes. Has four small rips down the left hand border and one small tear with no paper loss lefthand side bottom border with pin holes. One small hole caused by fold quarter way up poster & shown in close up gallery pics.  Colour vibrant.  No marks. 


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1979 original Argentina

£ 50.00 

Film Title:  Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Year of Release:  1979

Size & Country of origin:     Argentina

Starring:  Gil Gerard, Erin Gray

Condition: Fine

Folded/rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Small hole near to the name of the film, no pin holes, some very light wear to the top corners.  Small loss of paper in bottom righthand corner. No faded colour. Gallery photos below with close up photos.


La Cage Aux Follies 1979 comedy German

£ 28.00 

Film Title:  La Cage Aux Follies

Year of Release:  1979

Size & Country of origin:  Germany 23.5" x 33"

Starring:  Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Serrault

Condition:  Near Mint

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description.  No pin holes, no marks.


The Super Cops 1974 Action/Crime Spanish

£ 20.00 

Film Title:  The Super Cops

Year of Release:  1974

Size & Country of origin:  Spain.  27" x 41"

Starring:  Ron Leibman, David Selby

Condition:  Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  A one sheet with pin holes, small tear at top right edge fold which is shown in gallery photos.


The Revengers 1972 Western German

£ 35.00 

Film Title:  The Revengers

Year of Release:  1972

Size & Country of Origin:  Germany:  23.25" x 33"

Starring:  William Holden, Ernest Borgnine

Condition:  Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Folded, pin holes, crease at lower right, some tape at edges. Photo gallery on right.


The Man who Loved Cat Dancing 1973 Western

£ 23.00 

Film Title:  The Man who Loved Cat Dancing

Year of Release:  1973

Size & Country of origin:  27" x 41" U.S.A.

Starring:  Burt Reynolds, Sarah Miles

Condition:  Very Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  A one sheet with pin holes, fold marks, no tears or stains. Gallery photos to the right.


The film industry was still licking it's wounds coming out of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s still showed the signs of financial woes and artistic lows.  However, as the decade moved along, creativity began to make a comeback with restrictions on violence, language, adult content and sexuality being somewhat looser than in previous years.  A definite influence being the growth of rock and roll, free love, the hippie movement and more civil rights laws.  Experimental film makers appeared on the scene.  Hollywood was encouraged to take more risks and the old Hollywood professionals and movie moguls died out.  There were new story telling techniques and foreign language films influencing the industry. 

Films such as 'All The Presidents Men' , 'The Godfather', 'Jaws', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' hit the movie goers reviving a new refreshed interest in the cinema.

Luckily for us, at  Patchwork Peggy's Emporium old movie posters, vintage window cards, lobby cards and original publicity stills still exist for us to enjoy all over again.  So whether it's a vintage western, vintage war film or just a good old tear-jerker then Patchwork Peggys has a growing range of 1970s film posters.

The French Connection original Belgian film poster

£ 25.00 

Film Title:  The French Connection

Year of Release:  1971

Size & Country of Origin:  55 cm x 36.5 cm  21.5" x 14.5"  Belgium

Starring:  Gene Hackman

Condition:  Fine

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Small loss of left-hand corner in border, no pin holes, tears or marks.  Remants of glued paper in top border where used. See gallery pictures for closer look.


Original Belgian poster "The Owl & the Pussycat"

£ 8.00 

Film Title:  The Owl & The Pussycat

Year of Release:  November 1970

Country of Origin & size:  Belgium.  55.5 cm & 36 cm

Starring:  Barbara Streisand, George Segal

Condition:  Near Mint

Folded/rolled:  Folded



Item Description:  No marks or tears.  One fold mark in the middle where stored.  Appears not to have been used.


The Prisoner of Second Avenue 1975 Black Comedy

£ 28.00 

Film Title:  The Prisoner of Second Avenue

Year of Release:  1975

Size & Country of Origin:  UK Quad 40" x 30"

Starring:  Jack Lemmon, Anne Bancroft

Condition:  Very Fine

Folded/Rolled  Folded

Item Description:  Has no pinholes but has a few nicks and splits to border. Gallery photo below.


Avalanche 1978 Disaster movie

£ 24.00 

Film Title:  Avalanche

Year of Release:  1978

Size & Country of Origin:  41" x 27" U.S.A.

Starring:  Rock Hudson & Mia Farrow

Condition: Very Good

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  Slight damp in bottom lefthand corner which is hardly visible. Gallery photos below.


Battle of Neretva 1971 U.S. War film Half sheet

£ 10.00 

Film Title:  Battle of Neretva

Year of Release:  1971

Size & Country of origin:  U.S.A.  22" x 28"

Starring:  Yul Brynner, Curt Jergens

Condition: Fair

Folded/Rolled:  Folded

Item Description:  tape on surface at left to right sides, edge wear, some surface damage, colour still good, still has life in it.