Patchwork Peggy's VintageEmporium is aiming to bring wearable vintage and a touch of vintage Hollywood to their online clothing store.  Just click on the images of Betty Grable, Katharine Hepburn or Judy Garland to see our growing range.

Judy Garland wearing dressBetty Grable in dirndl skirtKatharine Hepburn in smart jacket

Skirts -n- trousers                                   Jackets -n- tops -n- cardigans           Dresses

We not only have original 1950s, but also 1960s and 1970s vintage styles as well as more recent pre-loved clothing. If you are looking for dresses, tops or skirts, take a look at our growing stock.  It's all about blending what you have in your wardrobe with a second-hand cardigan or an 80's does 50's skirt.  Nip the waist in with a favourite belt and accessorise with some original costume jewellery.  It's not just about wearing a cheesecake spotty full skirted dress.  Wearable vintage is practical, comfortable and should represent the type of person you are.  So if you're looking for an outfit for the office or just a casual day out then  please keep looking.  All items are freshly laundered and some have minor alterations to make them a more wearable piece.   Why not take a look at Cherry Dollface below with a pocket size guide to a Rockabilly look.