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Gloria Grahame wearing ear-ringsMarilyn Monroe holding bracelets

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Elizabeth Taylor wearing necklaceAva Gardner wearing brooch

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Although some of the 1950s pieces of jewellery were oversized and adorned with rhinestones or aurora borealis crystals, they usually remained feminine and very wearable.We can thank the 50's decade of decadence for this as we came out of the grey and austere WWII. 

The excitement of the Festival of Britain in 1951 lifted the nation's spirits and morale and bought new hope in the form of brand new fashion trends and space age designs. With all the restrictions on wartime England removed, jewellery became bigger and bolder. Gemstones of gorgeousness were used in necklaces, brooches and earrings with a variety of settings. Cocktail parties became the thing to throw and so the cocktail jewellery range became all the rage using curved designs, yellow gold and mixed metals. Rock n' Roll hit the scene and influenced people's appearances; hairstyles, clothing and emphasis on glamour and glitz.

Our Hollywood legends of the time, Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor bought pure glamour adorning themselves in larger pieces of jewellery and Elvis Presley and James Dean personified teenage rebellion and coolness with more dynamic and ostentatious designs.

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