Here at Patchwork Peggy's Vintage Emporium we want to cover both the classic style vintage bag and the more casual second-hand retro of age bag.  So if you're a Grace Kelly classic or a Sandra Dee bobby soxer then simply click on the images below.

1950s cream Weymouth vintage handbagSecondhand Von Dutch Holdall

Vintage Bags                                          Second-hand bags                                                                                                                                                         

The classics are more like the 'Kelly' or "Weymouth" bag. Formal, gorgeous stitching, suede interiors, gold or silver tone claps, elbeif frames. The second-hand bags are more a casual informal bag that you can throw your makeup, tissues and purse into and then head off to your local Rockabilly hotrod meet. Both good old wardrobe friends that you can pull out and perfect for their own occasion. Although Patchwork Peggy's Vintage Emporium currently stocks bags for all you gorgeous girls, history does show that it was the guys who wore purses from the 14th Century and we're talking embroidered with delicate drawstring straps here. The fashion icon for these was in fact Henry VIII as pockets to keep your keys in and loose change (well maybe not these items but you know what we mean) were not included in mens' or indeed womens' fashions until the 19th Century. In fact if you want to travel back further in history the Egyptians depicted purses in their hieroglyphics, the Bible makes mention of them and parts of a coin purse were discovered with Europe's oldest natural mummy believed to be 5000 years old.Grace Kelly & 'Kelly' bag

The 19th Century saw the popularity of the handbag as we now know it today and it became predominantly the lady who used it. The guys finally had pockets to put their money or tobacco in. Ladies bags developed into a large variety of styles, designs and materials to accommodate the changing role of women in our society.